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A newborn baby may need inpatient or intensive care due to prematurity, respiratory difficulties, infections, different malformations, problems during delivery or problems caused to the baby by the mother’s illness. Therefore, all babies born at Orchid hospital are kept under observation to monitor his/her vital functions and nutritional state before handing over to their parents.

Providing pediatrics and neonatal special care is an integral part of Orchid hospital service delivery. A pediatrician examines all babies before they are discharged. However, should intensive neonatal care is needed, our experienced pediatricians will immediately consult with the parents and administer necessary care for your baby on site.

Orchid pediatricians have experience in management of sick babies and premature and low birth weight babies. Services available include the following:

  1. Vaccination/medication that is needed
  2. Instructions regarding feeding & nutrition of the new born babies
  3. Phototherapy for newborn jaundice (yellow skin baby)
  4. Nutrition for premature & low birth weight babies, ventilator treatment

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